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An explanation, a celebration, and a farewell (for now)

Sooo….I’m alive. Alive and well it turns out. I’m very pleased to announce that my slave and I have recently married. It was an ecstatic day; we are so very happy to have found each other, and look forward to a lifetime of shared moments both kinky and non-kinky. It can be hard to meet someone compatible with you even when you don’t have a love of things like blood play, general sadism, and Domination. So, to find someone who ticks all of my vanilla boxes as well as all the kinky ones has left me feeling very blessed indeed.

I haven’t been writing here much as you may have noticed. Life has gotten in the way. I was planning a wedding and working on a dissertation, and now I’m working on a dissertation, applying for jobs, and trying to publish my ass off elsewhere. I’ve put off writing this entry because I love my blog and I want it to continue, but the fact of the matter is I just don’t have the time and mental energy to compose quality blog posts on top of everything else right now. I’m leaving my blog up, and may even occasionally be inspired to write a post, but I can’t promise any regularity in the coming months. I hope to return to you one day, but for now, it is adieu.

I leave you with a lovely picture of my slave plugged, jockstrapped, locked into a harness, gagged and in pony boots. Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’.