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Slave Contract

My slave and I recently had our first ‘slaveaversary’, i.e. it has been a year since he entered slavery. With this, we also signed a new year-long slave contract that I thought I would post on here. When I was first looking into putting him into slavery I had a hard time finding sensible rules, which I think are helpful for both slave and Master. I stumbled across this contract and set of slave rules, which I then edited to fit our needs. We both know where the lines are because of this contract. Though it was nice to look back over it this year and think, “wow, we barely need this any more”. We’re basically getting to the point where the rules are just “you do whatever I tell you to do, but I won’t tell you to do something you can’t do, and I take responsibility for the results of what I’ve told you to do”. However, at least for this year, we still signed a contract. Not legally binding of course, but there so we know where we both stand at the moment. Without further ado, here it is:

Contract of Voluntary Slavery


1.1 Binding Agreement

This document, dated THIRTEENTH day of NOVEMBER 2012 (herein known as the “start date“), is a one year contract of voluntary slavery between xxxxx xxxxxx herein referred to as “Master“, “Sir“, “Her” or the related form “Master’s“, etc. and xxxx xxxxx herein referred to as “slave“, “sex slave“, “pain slave“, “servant” or “it” or the related forms “its” or “itself“.

The agreement consists of 8 main clauses with numerous sub-clauses within them and supersedes any previous contract or agreement.

slave, through signing this contract, is binding itself totally and completely, without limit (except as explicitly defined below), irrevocably to servitude to Master. slave relinquishes all legal and cultural (and both explicit and presumed) rights, privileges, prerogatives and status to Master to become Her property as a slave for Her to own and use as She sees fit.

1.2 Term

This contract is binding for one calendar year from the start date until 23:59 (GMT) on THIRTEENTH day of November 2013 (herein known as the “term of the contract“).


2.1 slave’s Affirmation

slave affirms that it is signing this contract of its own free will without pressure or coercion of any kind, that it is of sound mind and body and is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. slave further affirms that it fully understands the meaning and implications of this contract and explicitly requests it be enforced in full, and at all times, as defined below for the duration of the contract.

slave understands that it will be used for sex as a sex slave, as a servant with domestic chores and duties and also as a pain slave for bondage and punishment sessions that will be real, inescapable, unstoppable and also severely painful.

2.2 Interference

slave requests that no third party group, individual, organization or body interfere in any way to prevent slave from fulfilling its obligations of servitude and obedience to Master as defined in this contract and for the full term of the contract.


3.1 slave’s Responsibilities


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability serve Sir sexually in any way She requires.


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability serve Sir as a servant performing any and all household duties including, but not limited to, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and generally maintaining Sir’s home when instructed to do so.


slave will willingly accept any punishment from Sir and for whatever reason, including purely for Sir’s pleasure as a pain slave, but within the limits defined in section 4 below. Punishment may take any form Sir deems fit including, but not limited to, corporal punishment, bondage, chastity, removal of privileges including food or sleep, hard work or degrading, humiliating or pointless tasks.


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability immediately obey any order, or perform any action, demanded by Sir.


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability obey all rules set out for it by Sir and live by them whether or not it is in Sir’s presence. slave is responsible for listing all such rules in a “rules of slavery” document. Rules for slave can be changed at any time by Sir and apply immediately.


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability submit to any training, and any training methods Master wishes to use or apply to it to better serve Her to meet Her needs.


slave will always be completely honest and truthful and never lie to Sir or omit to mention all facts, actions or inactions, or any breaches of the rules and responsibilities inherent upon it through this contract and associated rules of slavery document.


slave will never make any excuses for any failures or any of its actions, inactions or any breaches of this contract or the associated rules of slavery document.


slave will show Sir the utmost respect at all times. This includes in any discussions, actions or activities with third parties and applies whether Sir is present or not.


slave will always endeavor to improve itself physically and mentally to better serve Sir.


slave will always be available to serve Sir when required except by prior agreement with Sir or for work or family responsibilities.


Sir has the right to define rules, for any period of time up to the term of the contract, that require slave to seek permission from Sir while in Her presence to perform any and all independent actions such as making sounds, moving, bodily functions like urinating and defecating, and eating, drinking and sleeping. Master may also choose to allow slave to perform any or all of these actions independently to avoid being bothered unnecessarily by slave’s base functions.

3.2 slave’s Veto


slave has no veto over any actions Sir wishes it to perform except within the limits defined in section 4 below or where such actions may result in prosecution under the law e.g. public nudity/indecency.


slave has no “safe word” to use to stop any action or punishment.


slave has the right to respectfully refuse to perform any action for, or accept any punishment from, Sir when Sir is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such circumstances slave must, when Sir is no longer under the influence of alcohol or drugs, submit itself for any punishment Sir sees fit.

3.3 slave’s Possessions and Finances


Sir has the right to make full and unlimited use of all slave’s material goods, possessions and any other assets as Her own and do so whether slave is present or not. This includes, but is not limited to slave’s home, car, clothes, household or electrical goods and any bondage, punishment or other control items or materials.


Sir has the right to require Her slave to acquire any new material goods, possessions or assets as She sees fit up to the value of $500 per month.


slave will maintain an independent bank account and retain full responsibility for any saving and for any debts, or services provided, in its name including, but not limited to, mortgages, loans, taxes, and any household, food, clothing or utility bills. Sir has the right to inspect, at any time, any and all of slave’s financial records including, but not limited to, bank, mortgage, credit and debit card accounts.


Sir has the right to set financial rules for slave to live by – including severe limits on spending.


Sir has the right to make slave pay for any goods and services it uses while serving Her, or equivalent value goods and services to ensure it is not a financial burden on Her.

3.4 Sir’s Responsibilities


Sir accepts that slave is a valuable possession and as such Sir will keep slave safe at all times.


Sir will not instruct slave to perform any unsafe acts or anything that is listed in the limits defined in section 4.

3.5 Third Parties


slave may have no other ongoing partners sexual or otherwise without the express agreement of Sir. slave is permitted to play with others at parties or seize one-night-stand opportunities without consulting Sir beforehand, but will always use condoms for PIV or anal sex and play safely.  slave is required to disclose any and all play and/or sexual encounters to Sir in a timely manner.


Sir is free to have other female partners on an ongoing basis, and other male partners on a limited basis. Sir may see the same man sexually up to, but not exceeding once per month. Sir may play with people at parties or have one night stands whenever She wants without consulting slave, but will always use condoms for PIV or anal sex, and will play safely.


Master may expect slave to serve in public or private, alone or in front of others where such service is socially acceptable.


Master may instruct slave to serve another person or persons, transferring any or all Her rights and responsibilities under sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.3 of this contract and in the related rules of slavery document to that person or persons, for any period of time up to the term of the contract. Master may, or may not, be present while slave serves third parties but remains ultimately responsible for ensuring this agreement is adhered to by those parties.


Master may instruct slave to serve Her with other slaves where slave may have to control other slaves as a dominant alpha-slave, or to submit itself to another alpha-slave.

3.6 Disagreement


If there is any disagreement between Master and slave on the term of the contract or any of the clauses or limits within the contract then in all circumstances Master’s decision is final.


Alterations to the contract must be agreed with Master and slave and an amended contract with the agreed change must be signed. The term of the contract will not change as a result of any amendment unless agreed by Master and slave. Master, or slave, can veto changes.


4.1 Unsafe or Illegal Acts


Master will not submit slave to any unsafe acts, sexual or otherwise, including no scat. If any needles are used they will be sterile and antiseptic wipes will be used before and after. Master will not cut slave in any way that would lead to an unsafe loss of blood. Master will not leave slave in bondage unattended for more than 15 minutes. Master will cease any breathplay if any distinguishable song is hummed. This does not limit any oral use, anal use (with a condom if there is any risk of disease transmission) or drinking Master’s piss.


Master will not submit slave to any illegal acts, sexual or otherwise, including public nudity/indecent exposure without consulting slave, and no acts with children or animals will be performed.


Master will not knowingly expose slave to any sexually transmitted infections/viruses.

4.3 Work and Family


Master will not submit slave to any actions that may result in it losing its job or seriously impacting relationships with its family. Master will not submit slave to any actions that seriously detract from slave’s job performance.


5.1 Lapse


This contract will run for one calendar year from the start date (the term of the contract) after which time the contract will lapse and the slave is freed of its slavery to Master as defined in this contract. Master and slave are free to negotiate any new contract or to not continue the relationship.

5.2 Termination


Master has the right to terminate the contract at any time during the term of the contract.


slave has no right to terminate the contract until the term of the contract is complete.

5.3 Breach


Master has the right to severely punish slave for any breach of contract.


If Master breaches any of Her responsibilities or slave’s limits as defined in this contract then this contract is automatically terminated and slave is released from its slavery to Master if it so desires.

5.4 Goods and Assets


Any goods slave buys for Master or any goods it brings into its home for Master’s personal use or for Her use on slave will remain Master’s property at the lapse, termination, breach or transfer of the contract.


I hereby agree to be bound by the clauses and limits of this contract of voluntary slavery for the agreed term of the contract (one year from the agreed start date) between the two parties identified as Master and slave below.

Furthermore I agree that this contract will be held by Master and in the event of conflict with any other versions held securely online or elsewhere then the version held by Master will be deemed to be the authoritative copy.

Master: ______   _______________   Date: 13/11/2012

slave:   _______  ______________   Date: 13/11/2012



1.1 Outline


This document lists the rules of slavery that form part of the contract of voluntary slavery between xxxxx xxxxx herein referred to as, “Sir“, “She” “Master” or the related form “Sir’s“, etc., and xxxxx xxxxx will herein be referred to as “slave“, “sex slave“, “pain slave“, “houseboy” or “it” and the related forms “its” or “itself“.


This document consists of eight main sections with a number of sub-sections and then individual rules within in each of those sub-sections. All rules apply equally. If for any reason one or more rules may conflict in a given situation then slave must immediately seek instruction from Sir as to how it should proceed.

1.2 Purpose


slave has surrendered all its free will to Sir and exists as a slave only at the grace of Sir. The purpose of this document is to define the rules that Sir requires, expects and demands slave to live and abide by at all times and in all situations for the duration of the associated contract of voluntary slavery document.


Sir will enforce these rules with all the authority over slave granted, and gifted, to Her in the associated contract of voluntary slavery document. slave can expect to be severely punished, in whatever manner deemed appropriate by Sir for each and every breach of these rules.


slave must report each and every breach of these rules to Master.

1.3 Changes


Sir may add, remove or amend any rules in this rules of slavery document at any time either verbally, by SMS text message, email or any other form of communication. Any such new, removed or changed rules take effect immediately when issued by Sir.


slave must acknowledge any changes of rules back to Master immediately they are received via the same verbal, text or email media in which they were issued.


slave is responsible for updating this rules of slavery document with any new, removed or changed rules within a reasonable time period.


2.1 Relationships


slave will not have any form of submissive relationship with any other person – including online relationships except as defined in clause 8 below.


slave is allowed to talk to other slaves/subs/bottoms online about any subject including slave arranging training of its fellow slave as a potential sub-slave for Sir. slave must inform Master of any training that might take place.


slave is allowed to talk to women online, including those identifying themselves as a Mistress/Dom/Top, about any subject but when discussing BDSM, slavery and control lifestyles any requests for service will be subject to clause 8 below.


Sir has the right to inspect all SMS texts, emails, letters and any other correspondence, personal or otherwise, sent or received by slave.

2.2 Availability


slave must always be available to serve Sir and must ask permission for any activities other than work including, but not limited to, visiting friends or family, going out for a drink or to the cinema or going on holiday when slave and Sir are in the same country. Sir will however not cut slave off from family and friends by routinely refusing slave permission to visit them unless She has another use for slave either remotely or in person or slave is being punished.


slave must inform Sir of any work commitments outside of normal office hours as soon as they are known. Sir acknowledges slave is always on-call for work and may occasionally get called. slave is permitted to take calls without seeking permission outside of meal times, play time and sex. slave will not take calls during play time or sex. slave must ask permission to take calls during meal times, and must give forewarning if it knows that a phone call will be happening around a meal time.

2.3 Privacy


slave has no privacy and must be completely honest and reveal everything to Master about its actions, thoughts and feelings.


slave has no physical privacy unless explicitly granted by Master and may never shut itself away from Master by closing any doors other barriers for any reason except defecation.


3.1 Chastity


slave will not masturbate, cum or have any sexual release without express permission from Sir.


Sir may choose to keep slave in chastity, if necessary enforcing this with a 24/7 chastity device, for any period of time up to the term of the contract defined in the current contract of voluntary slavery. If a chastity device is used slave will have a tamper-proof mechanism of removing the device in an emergency.


Sir may inspect any chastity device at any time to ensure compliance.


Except in an emergency, any chastity device may only be removed with Sir’s permission. Minor problems such as discomfort or chafing etc are not emergencies and should be reported to Sir at the next opportunity and She will decide what action, if any, is required.


If slave needs to travel through an airport or visit the doctor etc then it must report this to Sir and agree how any chastity device is to be, temporarily, removed. Activities such as visiting the gym, going swimming or running do not constitute acceptable reasons for slave to request temporary removal of any device.

3.2 Appearance


slave must keep itself clean at all times. When with Sir, She will determine the cleanliness regime. When away from Sir the regime must include a daily shower, and teeth cleaning in the morning and evening.


slave, unless instructed otherwise by Sir, must keep its body hair and pubic hair neat.


slave must ask permission before it gets a haircut and must keep its hair short but not shaved.


slave will douche and plug as often as Sir requires.


slave is required to wear its collar at all times, unless instructed otherwise by Sir.

3.3 Expenditure


Sir currently sets no limits on what slave spends the money it is allowed (including on groceries, clothes, household goods, gifts, books, DVDs, bondage/punishment equipment) provided slave reports expenditures to Sir upon Sir’s request. slave will not make large purchases without first consulting Sir.


Although currently suspended Sir could set a weekly cash allowance for Her slave. Sir may set this allowance as high, or as low (including to zero), as She wants provided slave stays healthy and has enough basic provisions to feed itself one nutritious meal a day. slave will also always be able to spend what is necessary to get to work at an appropriate time.

3.4 Geographic Limitations


slave is free to travel to and from work without restriction.


slave is free to travel to and from the shops in and around Hong Kong without restriction.


When Sir and slave are in the same location, slave must get permission from Sir before making any other movements such as to the cinema, going out for drinks or to travel for reasons other than work, shopping or direct service to Sir within Hong Kong. slave will seek permission before traveling for reasons outside of work unless surprising Sir with a visit. Sir does not need to give any reason for refusing permission for slave to travel and slave has no right to ask for one.


Sir may restrict slave’s movements through command or physically by bondage or caging for any period of time up to the term of the contract within the limits of the contract of voluntary slavery (specifically slave is allowed to work and not to be cut-off from all contact with friends and family).


4.1 General


slave will ask what Sir would like it to wear when slave and Sir are home alone together.


slave is currently allowed to use all the furniture and all equipment in its flat when alone without restriction except the toilet seat.


slave must ask permission before using any furniture when Sir is home.


slave will make breakfast (including coffee) every morning or procure breakfast, unless instructed otherwise by Sir.

4.2 Physical Health


slave will maintain an attractive physique for Sir’s pleasure. Sir may give slave exercise requirements whenever She sees fit.


slave will drink moderately. slave is allowed to determine its own rules in this regard, but Sir may change them if they are deemed insufficient.



slave will maintain a healthy diet. it knows that its body belongs to Sir, and thus should be treated with reverence and care.

4.4 Sleep


slave must kneel beside the bed and ask permission from Sir to sleep in it whenever sleeping in the same bed. slave must never assume it has the right to sleep in the bed.


5.1 Written Communication


slave will always refer to Sir as “Sir”. The words “Sir“, “She“, “Her” or any other word referring to Sir will always start with a capital letter and “slave“, “it“, “its” and “itself” when referring to slave should always be in lowercase. slave will refrain from using capital letters when referring to itself. Failure to do so will not result in punishment, but slave is expected to conform to these standards when possible. slave is allowed to use the word i, but should still use lowercase when employing this pronoun.

5.2 Verbal Communication


slave will always answer Master with “Yes Sir”, “No Sir” or “Thank you Sir” as appropriate when they are alone together. Words like “Okay” or just “yes”, “no” or “thank you” are not acceptable.


slave will always ask for things with the phrase “Sir, please may Your slave”.


6.1 General


Sir may choose for any period of time (up to the term of the contract) to require slave to ask permission for any independent actions while in Her presence including such things as moving, scratching, bodily functions like urinating or defecating or sleeping. Sir may choose to deny the request and slave must wait a reasonable time before asking again. If Sir is asleep slave may not wake Sir just for its needs (but may use the toilet in an emergency).


slave may not eat or drink anything in Sir’s presence without explicit permission from Sir. Once permission is granted, said drink or meal may be consumed without asking again for permission. In public when slave and Sir are eating alone slave will ask permission by looking at Sir and awaiting Her nod. When eating and drinking with others, slave does not have to seek permission.

6.2 In Public


This section applies to any location not defined as private, by Master or explicitly in section 6.3.


slave will retain respect for Sir at all times but will not, through this, draw attention to itself as a slave.


slave will walk slightly behind Sir at all times except when in an environment where slave is introducing Sir to new people.


slave is not a free man and as such will treat all third-parties with respect at all times unless instructed otherwise. This includes all adults irrespective of their age, job or attitude and applies to other slaves, subs or bottoms.

6.3 In Private


While Sir is in the apartment where slave lives then this becomes, for the purpose of these rules, Sir’s home and slave will act in accordance with the rules defined in this section. Sir may also, at Her discretion define any other location, where both She and slave are present, as Her home and require slave to act as per the rules defined in this section – this can include public locations such as bondage, fetish or S&M clubs.


Sir is free to determine the definition of private irrespective of any third parties that may be present and require slave to act in accordance with the rules in this section. If only other slaves or Masters are present (as defined by Sir) then this is automatically defined as private and the rules in this section apply.


slave will kneel as soon as it enters Sir’s home and will not stand until instructed to do so by Sir. If Sir and slave are coming home together, slave will remove Sir’s shoes and kiss Sir’s feet.


After standing, slave will get Sir water or confirm that Sir already has a sufficient amount of water. slave is responsible for keeping Sir’s water bottle full at all times.


slave will ask what Sir would like it to wearafter serving Sir Her water.


slave will not use any furniture without permission and will stay on the floor unless instructed otherwise.


Unless instructed otherwise slave will not touch computers, the DVD player, TV (and remotes) and ipods without permission. slave is allowed to turn off electrical equipment and lighting to save energy bills when not required by Sir or when Sir determines it is time to sleep. slave will not use its phone for non-work purposes without permission when in Master’s  presence. slave may use any of the aforementioned technology when Master is absent or sleeping, but must ask permission to use them upon Master’s return/waking.


Unless instructed otherwise slave may not perform any bodily functions (urinating or defecating) without explicit permission from Sir. If Sir is asleep and has not instructed slave otherwise it may make use of the toilet.


After completing any action slave will stand with feet spread hip distance apart, back straight, and hands palms up on its thighs in front of Master with its eyes down to await any further instructions. slave will also consider this its natural position and return to it in the absence of any other instructions.


While being punished slave will only make vocalizations it thinks would please Sir, but will be gagged if it gets too noisy or for Master’s pleasure.


Sleeping in Sir’s bed is a privilege that could be withdrawn at any time and slave may be told to sleep on the floor or in a cage. slave will normally be expected to sleep in bondage unless given permission otherwise.


slave may be locked in metal, leather or rope bondage, or locked in a cage, for long periods of time. In addition, slave will wear its metal collar at all times unless instructed otherwise.


slave will not remove any items put on it and will not touch any keys or locks without permission from Sir.


Any housework slave is told to do, as Sir’s houseboy may be inspected by Sir and slave will be punished if it is not up to the standard Sir expects.


slave will keep an open posture at all times while serving Sir. slave will make its body available for Sir’s use at all times moving to give Sir better or easier access as required e.g. moving its chest forward when Sir wishes to use nipple clamps etc.

6.4 Bathroom/Toilet


slave may only use the bathroom with permission from Sir. Sir may deny permission for as long as She wants but Sir will abide by the rules of the contract of voluntary slavery to keep Her slave healthy.


slave has no right to be released from punishment, bondage or caging for toilet or bathroom breaks but Sir will abide by the rules of the contract of voluntary slavery to keep Her slave healthy.


In a private space slave may not close the door to the bathroom or toilet while urinating unless given permission to do so by Master. slave may close the bathroom door when defecating.


slave must always sit down to urinate to remind it of its status as slave. Except in a public toilet, slave must not use the toilet seat and must use the rim of the toilet bowl to sit on.


7.1 For Rule Breaking


slave will be punished for any breach of the contract of voluntary slavery


slave will be punished for breaking any of rules of slavery defined in this document.


slave cannot stop any punishment no matter how long or severe although slave will always be safe and the limits defined in the contract of voluntary slavery will always be applied.


slave will be expected to comply fully with Sir’s wishes or incur further punishment.


In all matters relating to punishment Sir’s decision is final and any attempt by slave to influence or change that decision will result in further severe punishment.

7.2 Refusal to Obey


slave may only refuse to obey an instruction if it breaches the limits or rules defined in the contract of voluntary slavery.


If slave cannot immediately obey an instruction it must kneel in front of Sir and state why it cannot complete the instruction and submit itself for punishment.

7.3 Regular Beatings


Sir will routinely severely punish slave in order to remind it of its status as a pain slave and to continually train it to better serve Sir and to be a better slave.

7.4 For Sir’s Pleasure


slave may be severely punished purely for Sir’s pleasure, and slave cannot stop the punishment although slave will always be safe and the limits defined in the contract of voluntary slavery will always be applied.


slave may also be severely punished by any third party authorized by Sir if it pleases Her. slave cannot stop the punishment although slave will always be safe and the limits defined in the contract of voluntary slavery will always be applied.

7.5 Punishment Protocols


Standard punishment for slave for an offence it commits will be hard strokes of the punishment cane. Sir may alter the punishment at Her discretion as She feels appropriate.


For an offence defined, by Master, as serious then slave will receive a beating which will be as long and hard, with as many implements and in as many positions as Sir deems appropriate.


Anger from slave for whatever reason, including using it to try to regain control of a situation will not be tolerated. Any display of anger by slave is a serious offence that will not end a session or punishment and, when the anger has passed, will result in punishment or further punishment.


Sir may choose to punish slave for any reason and change the rules governing punishment at any time.


8.1 Controlling Parties


Master has the right to nominate any other person or persons, as controlling parties over slave, for any period of time up to the term of the contract, with all Her rights and privileges as outlined in the contract of voluntary slavery.

8.2 Other Masters or slaves


slave will treat all other Masters/Mistresses/Doms/Tops with the utmost respect at all times but will never serve them, in any way, without explicit permission from Master.


If slave is approached by another Master/Mistress/Dom/Top in person, while Sir is in the same location it will politely inform the other Master it is not available to serve as it is the property of Sir and that they should enquire with Her if they would like to make use of it (exercising clause 8.1.1 above).


If slave is approached by another Mistress/Domme/Top in writing, online or via text or email will politely inform them that it is the property of Sir and that they should enquire with Her if they would like to make use of it (exercising clause 8.1.1 above).