This blog is not written by an expert. I do not claim to have perfectly formed opinions about everything under the sun. I am somewhat new to female domination, but have been interested in it for a few years. This is my chosen forum for exploring my ideas as they come along. Sometimes this will involve building on them or modifying them. I do not offer a definitive guide, but rather, perhaps, a woman with whom others will be able to relate. I don’t want to be put on a pedestal, and I would never accept money for what I do. I am a real woman, complete with imperfections and strong emotions. I am a sadist and a masochist. I like to tie others up and be tied up. However, when it comes to D/s, I prefer the dominant role. Hopefully some will find my ramblings useful, or at the very least somewhat interesting. Enjoy.

If you’d like to ask a question or make a comment privately, you can email me at delvingintodeviance@gmail.com.

  1. Just wanted to write and say that I love your blog. It’s insightful and educational as it gives practical perspectives on the lifestyle and I think we need more of that on the Internet.

  2. Thanks! That’s really nice to hear. I know it can be nice to have some food for thought when it comes to these things, so if I can provide it for some that’s great. 🙂

  3. Hummmmm… interesting. (dom curiuos????)

  4. Just found your blog while surfing about. It is a joy to know you allow one to follow via email, and I did sign up.
    Have been all over this page for about 2 hours, reading much that is fun to know and fits my proclivities.
    Thank You.

  5. Sorry to leave this on the comments section but I wasn’t sure how I could send mail directly through the blog. I’d been looking for some advice and so far haven’t been able to get an adequate answer through any bondage forums. After reading a few of your (incredibly helpful) posts I figured you’d be able to prescribe some advice.
    Basically my girlfriend is very comfortable with her sexuality and open to experimenting. BDSM was always a kink of mind and we’ve had no trouble with embracing M/f (I already had some prior experience with it that made it easier to lead on top of the compatibility with our gender roles). I’ve always been interested in trying F/m though but opted to leave it be since the two times we tried my girlfriend wasn’t sure how to take control and I had to instruct her on how to dominate (which defeats the purpose). Lately though she’s been mentioning it again and implying that she’d be willing to take another stab at it. It would be amazing if if she could take charge but I’m worried that it’ll get predictable again.
    Any advice you could give would be awesome.
    Keep on keeping on with the blog!

  6. schoolofsquirt

    Hey, awesome blog, I love your writing and was wondering if you would consider writing an article for me about anything squirting related. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you

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