Introducing Edward

I’ve been away for a while. Mostly, I think, it’s been hard for me to talk about kink and domination without referencing my current boyfriend at all. Now that it’s been several months since my breakup with FT, I think I will end that ban. I will call my boyfriend Edward. I want to preface this introduction to him by saying that he has not replaced FT. FT was my first submissive. There will always be a special place for him in my heart. He will always have a piece of me, and I will always treasure my piece of him. But life moves on and my dark interests persist. I’ve fallen in love with Edward (and still love FT). I hope that FT too can find happiness in someone who lives closer to him.

Edward and I have been living together for the past four months or so, so as you might imagine, my thoughts on D/s are rather tied up in him (no pun intended). We have a 24/7 relationship. Starting in November, we drew up a slave contract and I collared him. It’s not a permanent collar, but it’s nearly impossible for him to take off on his own. For the moment we renew this contract on a month-by-month basis so that we can discuss any amendments we’d like to make after experiencing what the rules feel like. At first the arrangement felt a little formal, but now we’re more settled and he has a better sense of how to discuss things so that he’s heard, but still leaves final decisions in my hands.

I’ll tell you a bit about our daily life because this was always something that I wanted to know when I was curious about 24/7 dynamics. When we wake he makes us breakfast and shaves his face (to make it smooth for me) as I doze. He has to ask permission to get on any furniture, so when he gets back he has to ask to get back on the bed. Usually I allow it, but sometimes I have him sit on the floor next to me. We have breakfast, and then usually play in some form or another. We then shower and get ready to go to our respective workplaces. Before we go he puts my shoes on me, kisses my feet, and kneels in front of me until I tell him to stand. Then we’re off to work. We generally go home together when our work days are complete, and  go through the shoe ritual in reverse. He takes my shoes off, kisses my feet, kneels and waits for his cue to stand. After that he has to get me water and strip naked. We go about our evening leisure activities with him on the floor and me on the furniture. Each night he has a short exercise routine that he has to go through to keep himself fit and healthy for me. Sometimes I join him, sometimes I just watch.

We try to have a bondage movie night about once a week. He loves getting tied up because he’s slightly claustrophobic and loves riding that edge.  I’m not that awesome at rope bondage yet, but I’m learning! I like how pretty he looks in it and the mental effects it has on him, but dislike how much time it takes.When I’m being lazy and want a similar effect I throw him in a straightjacket and blindfold.

Edward is not allowed to say no. As discussed in Domme Chronicles, saying no would essentially mean that he didn’t want to be my slave anymore. Occasionally he will express reluctance in one form or another, but a firm stare is usually enough to remind him of his place. Rarely, he has a legitimate reason why he can’t do something or has to stop doing something. For example, in our rules is the stipulation that our activities cannot interfere with his work. So if I were to order him to go to work in lingerie and nothing else, for example, he would have every right to say, “Sir, I can’t do that”. Really, that would be a violation of the contract on my part and would cause him distress because he doesn’t like denying me.

He is a treasured object. He makes my life better by being in it. He suffers beautifully, he obeys dutifully, he delights in my pleasure. I am proud to be his owner.

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  1. Good news! Very lovely to read of the relationship you and Edward have been building according to your respective leanings.

    Wishing you both much happiness.

    Also, bondage movie night! I haven’t thought of doing this in a while, and enjoy it lots (I’m lazy with regard to bondage and prefer leather cuffs etc. to rope tying). Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. Awwww! This post (especially the final sentence) makes me feel all warm and squishy. 😀

    Congratulations to you and your pet boy!

  3. Oh,
    I’m so glad to hear your blog absence was being filled in such a very good way!

    Love the photo

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