Peaks and troughs

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and I think a certain degree of this when it comes to the amount of domination one can fit into a relationship applies too. FT and I usually like to play on an almost daily basis, but life’s stresses have recently been getting in the way. He doesn’t feel like giving up control as much when he doesn’t feel in control to begin with, and I don’t always feel like taking control when I’ve had to be in control all day. Luckily we’re both a bit switchy (and I am very much a masochist), so on days like this I will tell him to beat me. “But you’re supposed to be the dominant!” some of you will think. Yes, I am, and that doesn’t change when I tell him to pick up the cane and make me cry. I tell him exactly what I want and I get it. Pain makes me laugh and cry and come, so why shouldn’t it be part of the range of behaviors I tell him to perform?

Of course, after being beaten, I tied him up, put an anal hook in his ass, strapped a cock to his face, and rode it till I squirted in his eyes. I’m definitely starting to see where men come from on facials. Leaving FT dripping in my come is delicious. It also rather easily takes him into subspace, which is when he is his most beautiful; all adorable, vulnerable, and utterly mine. After that I unlocked the cock from his face and then slowly lowered my cunt into his mouth. This is a position he’s very familiar with, and he knows what to do. After coming a few more times I decided it was his turn.

He groaned with relief as I took the anal hook out of his ass. I donned my strap-on and bent him over. I had recently gotten my fist into his ass for the first time, so I knew the porn-star-sized dildo I had would be no problem. A note about strap-on sex – it gets me off. I fantasized about it before I got into BDSM in any way. Before I had even had sex I was asking my then-boyfriend if he’d be willing to take a dildo up his ass. Furthermore, it makes me come and I love the hurt-pleasure looks it creates on FT’s face. So this day, I was going to enjoy hurting him with my cock – fucking him a little too hard and a little too long (with lots of lube mind you – his ass must remain fuckable and functioning). I warmed him up with my fingers, felt his prostate and his taint become harder under my touch. He breathed in amyl nitrate as I slid into him.

He was moaning almost from the beginning. I love making him moan, and only a good ass-fucking really does it. I grabbed his rope harness and his hips to pull his ass onto me as I fucked him from behind. As I thrust into him long and hard, the harness stimulated my clit as the straps rubbed against my labia and I came. He started touching himself, but I nixed that, telling him that he was going to have to beg me to stop first. He soon did of course. I allowed him to come, but then kept fucking him afterwords until he was really begging me to stop; a desperation in his voice that fueled my sadistic flames.

I pulled out of him, took my harness off, undid some of his bindings, and held him as he had his aftershocks (and I had mine) – little convulsions of post-orgasmic pleasure. I ran my fingers through his hair, kissed his forehead, and embraced him.

So, I have focused on the peaks, but we’ve been experiencing troughs lately too. However, in some ways this makes the peaks all the better. I think I still prefer more peaks though.

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